UN and 2011

As another year passed behind us, there is now only four years left to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Even though everyone expects their new year to be better than its previous years, early incidents depress many of the earlier expectations by the international community. Lebanon once again fell into political chaos, while regions such as Somalia and Afghanistan still remain unstable. Places such as Afghanistan or Iraq are far from being stable. However it is still too early to give up our hopes yet.

Places such as Ghana and Kenya showed their commitment to meet Millennium Development Goals by 2015. Kenya started the free education program in 2003, and their enrollment number doubled by 2010. The United Nations World Food Programme and the United Nations Children’s Fund have committed to working together to reduce child stunting in Eastern and South Africa. According to UNICIEF, the prevalence of stunting in the developing world declined from 40 to 29 percent between 1990 and 2008. WFP and UNICEF well understand stunting issue has not been eased in Eastern African nations, and they promised to put their focus to the region where 80 percent of stunting children live. ASEAN members are putting their final plans to reduce poverty and stop HIVE to fulfill their MDG requirements. Their senior meeting would focus on rural development and poverty eradication through mutual aids.

Of course, all these promises can be meaningless unless it is accompanied by actions. It is important for us as students to keep the Millennium Development Goals to be known and supported by people around us. UN and International Olympic Committee agreed to launch various programs that would foster public interests of MDGs through sports. Their programs would be accompanied by FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football. Soccer, which is the most popular sports around the world, is a powerful tool to bring public awareness and support. Football for Hope campaign already built community centers for development, education and health. As we reached another year, we saw progress being made despite of difficult situations around the world. Let’s patiently wait, watch and help them, and we will really see our goals being achieved.

Seo Ho Lee


About unagbtufts

Quinn Connors is a senior at Tufts University majoring in International Relations and concentrating on the Middle East. Seoho Lee is a senior majoring in Political Science and International Relations concentrating on East and Southeast Asia. They are currently serving as Student Ambassadors for the United Nations Association of Greater Boston.
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